Retail Industry Dealmaking Report

SS&C Intralinks Report

Retail Industry Dealmaking:
Investors Shop for New Opportunities

Continued diligence and smart investing: foundation stones of the road ahead in Consumer Retail.

For decades, mergers and acquisitions (M&A) have played a critical role in shaping the evolution of the retail industry. Yet, concerns about profitability due to inflation and reduced consumer spending have emerged, casting doubt on the health of corporate profits. But not all headlines are bad news.

Retail Industry Dealmaking: Investors Shop for New Opportunities, produced with data from PitchBook, examines how improving market conditions and strategy shifts can reveal growing opportunities in Retail. Read about:

  • Private investment trends in the industry
  • Retail private equity (PE) and M&A deal activity; deal count by type and median value
  • Why venture capital (VC) exits are providing a jump-start to an otherwise flat market
  • Opportunities for startups
  • Spotlight subsector analysis: patterns emerging based on asset class

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