AI redaction

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Deals are moving at record speeds and volumes. More than ever, dealmakers need a fast and reliable redaction tool for helping to control sensitive deal and company information.

Unintentional exposure of personally identifiable information (PII), key contract provisions and other sensitive data can harm your deal – and potentially damage your company’s reputation.

Download our new white paper, How AI Redaction Can Supercharge Your Next M&A Deal, for a close look at the rising stakes of accidental data disclosure and new artificial intelligence innovations that can keep deals moving safely and productively. Discover how you can:

  • Reduce risk – AI-assisted redaction decreases the likelihood of missing sensitive information in your documents
  • Regain control – VDR integration provides complete control over document selection, review and approval
  • Conserve resources – Save time and money over fully manual reviews and costly outsourcing
  • Increase productivity – Seamlessly permission and share documents, and easily revert to non-redacted versions
  • Ensure compliance – Queue documents for review and approval before posting to the data room

Download the AI Redaction white paper. See how easy it is to work securely, productively and confidently.