Report: Gender Diversity and Dealmaking 2022

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Our new report, Gender Diversity and Dealmaking 2022, draws on data from more than 11,000 M&A deals announced between 2010 and 2021 and features commentary from senior dealmakers to understand this trend.

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  • Why women CEOs outperformed men during the pandemic on post-deal share price, ROE, EBIT/sales and EBITDA/sales
  • How short-term investor reaction to deals announced by female leaders has slightly improved since our first report
  • Innovative female CEO M&A strategies and decision-making, such as managing risk by leveraging more advisors and structuring cash-only or all-stock deals
  • Significant gender-based differences in acquisition target types and deal processes
  • Why the pandemic has improved perceptions of female CEOs and diversity

Download this new report now. Find out how women are driving M&A strategy innovation and better deals.