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Introducing InvestorVision.

Get greater transparency and high-quality, in-depth reporting capabilities — all on an intuitive user interface that modernizes communication. Now fund managers can deliver accurate reports to investors in less time while protecting confidentiality.

How this benefits you:

  • Streamline and improve the fund reporting process and investor communications
  • Protect confidential information, maintain transparency and respond to information requests quickly
  • One login across all managers and funds
  • Frictionless adoption – 240K+ individuals, from 57k+ investor organizations already have an Intralinks login
  • Easy access for investors to all documents across funds

Coming in 2020:

Upcoming releases will include the ability to provide seamless access to up-to-date investor account data, including historical capital balances, cash flows and fund performance with a modern UI and enhanced user experience.

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Experience supporting the most demanding and IP-Intensive industries

Worth of strategic initiatives and capital market transactions

Customer-led audits of Intralinks data centers, source code, processes and personnel

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Trusted by 99% of the Fortune 1000.
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