Take immediate action & ensure a smooth transition out of LIBOR.
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Download “How to Update $400 Trillion in Contracts for LIBOR Transition.”

Time is running out for LIBOR, and immediate action is necessary to ensure that firms have a plan to transition before the phase out date of December 31, 2021. It’s a major event with repercussions throughout the financial industry with close to $400 trillion in loans, securities and derivatives affected.

We’re giving you practical measures to take to prepare now.

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Bank administrators, accountants and legal counsel will have thousands to millions of contracts to review as they manage the transition out of LIBOR.

Intralinks can help, with:


A secure and efficient way to share contracts for review across various parties, firms and geographies.


A solution that can integrate artificial intelligence to help banks and lawyers identify language to update as well as manage when contracts mature and separate them accordingly.


Reports that track progress across reviewer groups and indicate who should and shouldn’t access the VDR—mitigating consequences of sensitive information getting into the hands of malicious individuals.