Introducing Intralinks Deal Marketing.

85% faster with
95% fewer mistakes.*

Win. Win.

Intralinks is streamlining the painstaking deal marketing process. With less manual effort, more insights and more security, we’re protecting NDAs, CIMs and reputations everywhere.

  • Capture your actions automatically – eliminating manual tracking
  • Use dedicated storage for transaction notes, key documents as well as buyer lists, activity and profiles
  • Track buyer engagement by confirming when a buyer views documents
  • Automate watermarking and ensure the right documents get the right level of security

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* Based on internal testing

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Deal Preparation

A no-obligation prep space to align your teams and organize data before going live.

  • Streamline the client data request process
  • Consolidate and organize folder structures
  • Stage content and buyer permissions
  • Seamlessly “go live” when you’re ready to move into due diligence


Deal Marketing

Bring efficiency and intelligence to a critical part of the M&A process.

  • Automated, high-touch dissemination of process documents
  • Gain insight into if (and when) prospective buyers are interacting with key documents
  • Storage for inbound documents keeps everything in one place
  • Seamless transition of interested parties into an VDR


Due Diligence

The fastest, smartest virtual data room. Anywhere.

  • M&A Workflow™ – One-step document approval and automated publishing reduces risk, saves time and speeds deals
  • Insights Hub – Easily track and share group, user, and document level activity in your data room to help you gauge engagement
  • View as Other User – See the data room exactly as it would appear to invited participants, for added security and peace of mind
  • UNshare® – One-click to enable and one-click to retract a document with information rights management


Dedicated M&A Services Team

M&A VDR experts on standby, ready to help.

  • Assistance with permissions and content uploads
  • Help with Q&A module setup
  • Deal close and archive ordering
  • 24x7 buyer support

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