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SS&C Intralinks

Deal Flow Predictor for Q3 2022


Get an exclusive preview of global M&A activity in Q3 2022.

Despite headwinds, M&A continues to be a strategic path forward in Q3 2022. With valuations moderating, strategics and financial sponsors with record levels of dry powder can expect better-priced opportunities for inorganic growth.

Read the latest edition of the SS&C Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor* for our exclusive data-driven insights into global M&A forecast for the next six months, by sector and region, and impacts to deal activity including:

  • How Russia’s invasion of Ukraine is disrupting global food and energy supplies
  • China’s zero-COVID-19 policy impact on supply chains and economic activity
  • Rising inflation and changing monetary policy, and more

Plus, a special feature on energy markets.
The war in Ukraine has brought the energy sector under even more pressure. What role will M&A play in this space?

The SS&C Intralinks Deal Flow Predictor is an exclusive preview of future deal activity based on Intralinks’ unique proprietary knowledge of early-stage M&A activity taking place worldwide and has been independently verified as an accurate six-month forecast of future changes in the worldwide volume (number) of announced M&A transactions, as reported by Refinitiv. Refinitiv’s data on announced deal volumes for the past four quarters has been adjusted by Intralinks for expected subsequent changes in reported announced deal volumes in Refinitiv's database.

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