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When it’s time to reorganize, 
timing is everything.

Once you’ve made a corporate restructuring or business bankruptcy decision, your team needs to move quickly and efficiently to stabilize operations, build an information base, coordinate advisors and map out a rigorous restructuring framework.

Our exceptional service and support teams can get you up and running in just hours with a purpose-built platform that facilitates the secure, compliant and auditable exchange of information among all parties. With our VDR's unique ‘Deal Prep’ phase, you can begin work even before a contract is signed.

Intralinks is helping companies like Sears and Westinghouse accelerate reorganization securely with tools like:

  • Integrated redaction to protect sensitive data without ever leaving the data room
  • Complete audit history to meet legal and compliance requirements
  • Streamlined Q&A with greater security and traceability
  • Automated document approval to facilitate upload of key files
  • Real-time Dashboards for insights on user behavior
  • Secure Mobile access to stay close to your deal anytime, anywhere and from any device

Navigating a bankruptcy or restructuring is a time-critical and complex process – especially in an environment of economic uncertainty. We can help.


Intralinks for Bankruptcy and Restructuring

Reorganize faster.
Reemerge better.

Win. Win.

Trusted by leading companies worldwide.


USD4.6 billion

Westinghouse has been acquired out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Brookfield Business Partners for USD4.6 billion.


USD650 million

Waypoint Leasing Holdings has been acquired out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by Macquarie Group for USD650 million.


USD9.7 billion

Sears and related assets have been acquired out of Chapter 11 bankruptcy by ESL Investments for USD9.7 billion.

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