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Throughout the pandemic, banks that partnered up successfully with tech firms not only survived but transformed and moved forward on a wave of digital innovation and opportunity.

The past year forced financial institutions and fintechs to take a hard look at their own processes and how they interact with one another. In the end, many proved the old maxim: change can be difficult but good. In this case, the reboot led to innovation, new productivity and new market opportunities.

Download our new report, From Competition to Cooperation: Insights to Establish a Successful Bank/Fintech Partnership – and Thrive in a Digital World, produced in association with Lendit, for lessons learned and key principles to follow when starting up or rethinking your financial-digital partnerships, including:

  • How to fast-track innovation via partnerships
  • The importance of communication and goal alignment
  • Reducing friction, sustaining buy-in, and operating flexibly
  • Near-term challenges for both partners
  • Governance and compliance considerations

Download this new report for insights from leading bank and fintech executives and the latest market research.

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